About HandyWorks

HandyWorks provides indoor and outdoor chore services to seniors and disabled adults in south, southeast and northeast Minneapolis who need a helping hand to maintain their homes. Clients are matched with a network of both paid and volunteer chore workers. Workers complete chores such as snow removal, lawn mowing, yard care, house cleaning, laundry, and minor repairs such as door-lock replacement.

What to Expect:

HandyWorks workers will be courteous, dependable and prompt.  To ensure client's safety a criminal background check is conducted on each worker. 

While many of the services are free, some work is done by contractors and fees average $12 - $15 an hour.  Some subsidy may be available to eligible clients, especially low-income seniors.

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HandyWorks is a program of the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches, funded by the United Way.

A program of the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches